TempWise is dedicated to making your job search an easy and fulfilling experience for you! In the left side dropdown menu, you will find several sections that can provide useful information regarding your new job search.

If you have an interview with one of our Staffing Supervisors you are among the elite.  You have already had an in-depth phone conversation with a member of our staff.  We interview candidates who are serious job seekers and who have prepared accordingly.  Prior to your appointment, you have been sent our ProveIt testing and have been given guidance on improving your resume.

On the day of your appointment with TempWise, please arrive on time, dress  professionally for your interview and bring your resume, references and necessary ID’s to fulfill your I-9 requirement.  You should plan to be in our office for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

By the time you leave our office we will have a very good feel for you as a person and as a potential employee for one of our clients.  And, you will feel as though you have found a partner to assist you in your job search!